Closed-loop digital therapeutics

Powered by brain engagement neuro-markers


Brainmarc provides closed-loop digital therapeutics for cognitive and mental health.
Brainmarc’s patent-pending, neuro-marker powered therapeutic solutions have shown positive results in validation testing with hundreds of patients in studies worldwide. Brainmarc is now leveraging its clinically proven technology to build prescribed digital solutions for cognitive and mental disorders.


Brain Engagement Index

Brain engagement index

bei™ neuro-marker obtains continuous information about users’ levels of sustained attention and drives personalized therapy based on patient performance and brain related parameters.

Brain Engagement state

Brain engagement state

bes™ neuro-marker provides 1-minute check-ups that indicate levels of engagement and attention and enables management of mental health dynamics and drug efficacy during therapeutic plans.


Real-time brain monitoring

Extracted via headset, the short sampling time, single-channel EEG is a remarkably easy-to-use setup, leveraging the therapeutic process efficacy in real time.

Digital therapeutics

Digital therapeutics

Brainmarc provides clinically validated closed-loop digital therapeutic products for cognitive and mental disorders.


Brainmarc’s closed-loop digital therapeutics significantly increase the activation of brain regions involved in therapy processes and may lead to the formation of compensatory connections to overcome reduced activity in these regions. Increases in attention-driven activation result in greater brain plasticity, which may underlie effective outcomes across a wide variety of conditions, including: dementia, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc.

Closed-loop digital

  • "I believe brain engagement should be a key decision-making factor in each therapy session in clinics and at home"

    Dr. Franco Molteni
    Dr. Franco Molteni Villa Beretta Medical


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