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We are building a digital platform for cognitive remediation, by leveraging our BEI (Brain Engagement Index) technology. Brainmarc’s neuro-marker powered platform has proven to have a significant impact on cognitive impairment treatments and has been validated by hundreds of patient cases in clinical settings in the US, Canada, the EU and Israel.


Real-time EEG

Extracted via headset, the short sampling time, single-channel EEG is a remarkably easy to use setup for clinics and home settings

Proprietary algorithm

Brainmarc’s proprietary algorithm extracts the BEI, a clinically proven neuro-marker which indicates the patient’s brain engagement in real time

BEI Neuro-marker

Brainmarc’s proprietary technology is validated to be highly impactful for a variety of cognitive impairment conditions


Brinmarc’s solution significantly increases the activation of brain regions involved in therapy processes, and may lead to the formation of compensatory connections to overcome reduced activity in these regions. Increases in attention-driven activation results in greater brain plasticity, which may underlie effective outcomes across a wide variety of conditions.

Cognitive remediation powered by Brainmarc

Patients with cognitive deficiency conditions suffer from low engagement in their own therapy process. Clinical studies show that therapy is most effective when patients are fully engaged and committed. As it is difficult to evaluate and recruit the level of a patients’ engagement, an objective marker derived therapy is highly impactful for a variety of cognitive diseases.

  • "I believe brain engagement should be a key decision-making factor in each therapy session in clinics and at home"

    Dr. Franco Molteni
    Dr. Franco Molteni Villa Beretta Medical


Leading medical centers globally
Neuro-marker validated with over 400 subjects
BEI data-base of over 4125 samples

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