BEI Technology

Elevating brain health to the next level

The proprietary technology developed by Brainmarc’s multi-disciplinary team resulted in a series of science-based indices extracted from a short sampling time, single-channel EEG headset. The BEI is a clinically proven objective neuro-marker that has elevated brain health to the next level.

Real-time EEG

The BEI platform is a remarkably easy to use solution relative to current approaches for objective measures of attention, which require multi-electrode electroencephalography (EEG) systems. While current systems provide effective engagement neuro-markers, they are limited by their cumbersomeness and relatively long sampling time. Brainmarc’s solution provides objective monitoring of patient engagement during sessions, thus facilitating recruitment of the patient’s engagement as well as optimization of the patient’s therapy sessions. As a result, overall effectiveness improves.

Proprietary algorithm

Brainmarc’s proprietary algorithm is designed to extract the BEI, which indicates the patient’s level of attention during cognitive exercise. The algorithm development relies on 20 years of research in psychology, mathematics, signal processing, and neuron-network research (starting with lab dishes of rat neurons) followed by extensive clinical studies in recent years. Brainmarc’s proprietary algorithm patent application is globally in the national phase.

BEI neuro-marker

A clinically validated, neuro-marker which clearly indicates levels of brain engagement is highly impactful for a variety of cognitive impairment conditions. It allows real-time intervention by therapists and self-practicing patients. The data is extracted in real-time from the patient’s brain via a single channel EEG headset and processed by a proprietary short sampling time algorithm. Our revolutionary technology leads to a whole new era of cognitive therapy both at clinics and in-home settings. Brainmarc’s platform is the only solution which closes the feedback loop based on both the level of the patient’s performance and the patient’s brain engagement in real-time.

Mobile and PC apps

PC app

In clinical studies by leading neuropsychiatric clinics and research in the following conditions among others:

  1. MCI populations verbal memory support
  2. RPost Stroke/TBI occupational and speech therapy
  3. Chronic pain support

Mobile app

In clinical studies by leading neuropsychiatric clinics and research in the following areas:

  1. Early detection of pharmaceutic antidepressive treatment response
  2. Real-time TMS treatment effectiveness and future forecast
  3. Marker-based disease management in the clinic and at home settings

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