Closed-loop digital therapeutics

Brainmarc’s proprietary technology has resulted in closed-loop digital therapeutics, leveraging its clinically proven bei™ and bes™ neuro-markers, extracted from a short sampling time, single-channel EEG headset. These validated, digital neuro-markers provide the bases for closed-loop therapeutics that personalize the treatment for each subject based on their engagement level dynamics, enabling data driven decisions. Brainmarc’s platform is the only solution which closes the feedback loop based on both the level of the patient’s performance and the patient’s brain engagement in real-time.

Brain engagement index

Brainmarc’s patent-pending bei™ (Brain Engagement Index) neuro-marker obtains continuous, real-time  information about users’ levels of sustained attention. bei™, extracted from a single channel EEG headset provides closed-loop therapy by personalizing the treatment for each subject based on their current cognitive and behavioral condition.

Brain engagement state

Brainmarc’s patent-pending, bes™ (Brain Engagement State) neuro-marker provides 1-minute check-ups that indicate level of engagement and attention. bes™, extracted from a single channel EEG headset, enables management of mental health dynamics and drug efficacy.

Digital therapeutics

Brainmarc provides clinically validated digital therapeutic modules for cognitive and mental disorders. The Brainmarc system includes an easy-to-use EEG headset that connects wirelessly to the user’s phone or tablet. The app guides users throughout the therapy sessions and adjusts the therapy content and level of difficulty in real-time based on the user’s condition as monitored by the neuro-markers.

The data is uploaded over a secured connection to the cloud, where it can be accessed by physicians to review the user’s progress and provide remote therapy.

Real-time brain monitoring

Brainmarc’s proprietary algorithm is designed to extract the bei™ and bes™, which indicate the patient’s level of attention during therapy.  The algorithm development relies on 20 years of research in psychology, mathematics, signal processing, and neuron-network research (starting with lab dishes of rat neurons) followed by extensive clinical studies in recent years. The patent application for Brainmarc’s proprietary algorithms is in the national phase, globally.

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